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Dollar General deals: New digital coupons program! ::

Coupons Check this checkbox to filter by Coupons. My Items Check this checkbox to filter by My Items. Coupon Categories. Your Savings. DG Digital Coupons coupons available M. Add to card. Show Details.

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Must present coupon to cashier. Limit one per customer. We reserve the right to limit use to normal retail purchases. No cash value. Coupon excludes: gift cards, phone cards, prepaid financial cards, prepaid wireless handsets, Rug Doctor rentals, propane, e-cigarettes, tobacco and alcoholic beverages. Limit of one coupon per item. Consumer: Limit ONE coupon per purchase of products and quantities stated.

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Any other use constitutes fraud. Coupons are not authorized if purchasing products for resale.

Dollar General

You may pay sales tax. Not valid in Puerto Rico. Limit of one coupon per household.

Dollar General Gain Scenarios For 6/16 - 6/22 - ALL Digital Coupons

Digital Coupons and paper coupons may not be combined on the purchase of a single item. Specially marked items, such as Clearance or Manager's Specials may not be eligible for Digital Coupons.

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Customer pays any sales tax. Void if reproduced, transferred, auctioned or where prohibited by law. Good only in the USA. Only one coupon per item, per trip, per day.


You pay sales tax and deposit charge. Coupon may not be assigned, transferred, purchased, sold or reproduced. All rights reserved. Details: Valid only for product, size stated. Here are some easy steps to help you learn how to master the digital coupons at Dollar General. A few key notes about these Digital Coupons.

Load DG’s Hidden Digital Coupons!

These coupons are mostly manufacturers coupons. There is a way to tell. If they offer a store coupon, it will say so on it. Otherwise they cannot be combined with other paper manufacturers coupons. These coupons are one time use and do not double in value. That will often have more details like sizes or varieties if there are any. Look for digital coupon offers in the weekly ads or found on sales tags in the stores! Some may pop up daily as we get new printable coupon offers, they also may pop up in the digital coupons as well!

Sometimes they will reload after using them, but typically not until they are offered again or what we call, reset. If I have two manufacturer coupons clipped for one item and one is a lower value and the other is higher do you know which one will come off at checkout? I think it may be trial and error to see what happens. I do have a Dollar General Facebook Group we could ask and see if anyone else knows.

I believe the lower value coupon will come off first. Once you create an account you add your phone number in your profile.

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When you log in and clip the coupons they will be on your account. Thanks for all your help! Sometimes some digital coupons do not attach properly for whatever reason. The way you are doing it sounds fine. I do know the terms on the money off coupons state they cannot be used together, but it appears that sometimes they do. The receipts can be hard to figure out sometimes, but best to go through and figure out which coupon did not apply right so you know for next time, or can try to get that amount back can be difficult process depending on your store.

My boyfriend went to the dollar general yesterday, and entered my number to get the coupons i clipped. It did not take off any money at all. So my coupons are still on my clipped list. If he entered my number how is that possible? Can i still get the savings back without doing a return? Can you see on the receipt any indication of the number being there, as I know when I check out it shows how many available coupons I have. I would either call your store to ask or take your receipt back to the store and show them the coupons that did not come off ans see if they can reimburse you for the difference.

If you want to shop online sometimes they offer special coupon codes. Those will be listed on the front page. Why and when are they going to change this option? If we are logged onto our account and purchasing online the same as if we went to the store? I saw a girl at Dollar General who had about 15 bottles of laundry detergent.

How could she get all those if the coupons say limit one? Unfortunately some people create fake accounts and do separate transactions and use multiple phone numbers to be able to use these digital coupons. I went to the top right where it tells you how many digital coupons I have at dollar general and there is no option to print the coupon list.

You would have to log into your account on the dollar general site and check your account settings.