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  2. The 10 Biggest Kit Sponsorship Deals In Football
  3. 5 Landmark Sponsorship Deals in Irish Sport | SportsNewsIRELAND
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Are you or someone you know raising money for sport? Looking for more information? Why not send us a quick message below and we'll get back to you shortly. Blog Menu. The 10 richest teams in the world 8. Richest sporting events in the world 6. The 10 most expensive transfers in footballing history 3. The 10 biggest athlete sponsorship deals in sport 1. Business Move. Chinese New Year.

8 Stars Linked With LaLiga Exits

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The 10 Biggest Kit Sponsorship Deals In Football

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5 Landmark Sponsorship Deals in Irish Sport | SportsNewsIRELAND

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Valentines Day. Vice Media. By Emma Mulcahy - 14 May am. Biggest sports marketing trends Share to Twitter. And despite these losses, the likes of Wanda Group, Hisense, and Vivo, had their logos getting a lot of airtime during every game this World Cup season. Tennis fans are a bit more balanced when it comes to gender demographics. This means that any brand that wants to be affiliated with the club must make a meaningful and active contribution.

This is a great example of an organization recognizing that engagement should be a priority if a brand is looking for any sort of growth or development from their sponsorship activations. It also reinforces the idea that partnerships that are symbiotic as opposed to one-sided are more valuable in the long-term. As a result, some commentators have suggested that Wimbledon could become more of a data-driven business. This is an important note for prospective brands to take into consideration as Wimbledon is really embracing the realms of technology and data- topics that are becoming increasingly discussed in the marketing world.

The biggest sports sponsorships in 2018-12222

Even more impressive, Slazenger has had its logo on Wimbledon tennis balls since which, at years, marks the longest sports sponsorship in history. After looking at both of these highly popular sporting events, what can brands learn from the ways in which their sponsorships have been carried out? The most important thing for brands to note when it comes to their target audience is how targetable they actually are. This means whether or not they are easily reachable through every form of media.